Welcome to my online CV

I am an innovative project manager with 10+ years experience working in immersive exploration across different industries including advertising, entertainment content, and experiential event production.  Throughout my career I have demonstrated leadership qualities while successfully achieving and exceeding the targets expected of me. I am an imaginative and versatile events producer with a passion for creating live multimedia experiences. 

I have a sense of wanderlust and am a life-long learner. When not travelling to visit my friends and family scattered around the world and the seven seas, I love keeping up with the latest digital technology, spending time visiting museums and art galleries, or cooking up new recipes.

Key skills

  • Demonstrable knowledge of augmented and virtual reality technology for international events
  • and exhibitions. Proficient in Mac/Apple, Microsoft Office Suite,
  • Skilled in social networking platforms, developing far-reaching social media campaigns utilising LinkedIn, LinkedIn Social Selling Navigator, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Expert organiser with the ability to manage the full lifecycle of international events and projects, delivering on time and within the designated budget. In-depth marketing, branding, and project management experience.
  • Seasoned communicator fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian coupled with the ability to lead high-functioning multicultural team