2005 - 2011 Son et Lumiere, Rome (Italy)

During the six years I worked for Son et Lumiere I project managed major events in Italy supporting institutions with the production, promotion and management of large public events and cultural heritage-related projects. The company specialized in multimedia installations and sound and light shows with large video-projections on building facades.


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Serena’s Role and Responsibilities gattogif

Serena worked as Event Manager from 2005 to 2011 for Son et Lumiere, Italy and managed major events across Italy.

Duties included:

Responsible for the preparation and maintenance of budgets throughout the lifecycle of each event and ensured financial tracking by conducting regular“health checks” to ensure positive cash flow.

Built and maintained excellent client relationships, with councils, clients, contractors and stakeholders; sourced suppliers and production companies, frequently using tendering process; signed and issued contracts on behalf of Son et Lumière;

Researched history and images and wrote content for public tenders; prepared,drafted and delivered proposals/presentations for key clients using Indesign, Photoshop and PowerPoint;

Supported PR Department with the organisation of press conferences, prepared database for the VIP invitations; liaised with the graphics department to design promotional materials such as posters, invitations and brochures;

Liaised with suppliers regarding detail to ensure high-quality products were delivered within timelines; organised the VIP reception at opening ceremonies; supervised set-ups, takedowns of outdoor installations at historic sites;

Travelled on-site to manage all event requirements.

Developed extensive international network of light designers, art curators, historians, architects and digital artists.

Produced event proposal and converted enquires into confirmed business.

Acted as main contact point between production team and client.

Oversaw set up and tear down, liaised with AV and lighting designers.

Management budget and forecast spending against actuals.

Liaised with audio/visual technical staff to ensure correctly uploaded and displayed presentations.

Supervised VIP welcome cocktails. 


Project managed the first multimedia cultural event in Italy. The ‘Son et Lumiere’ at the Borghese Gallery with over 300,00 guests. Received National Press Coverage and increased 15% summer ticket sales. 

Link to video of finished productions here

“Luigi Russolo”, Portogruato (Italy)

2009 Luigi Russolo Large video projection - Free Public Event

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome

Client: Portogruaro City Hall

Artistic director: Luca Fornaciari.

Event Brief

The famous futuristic painter, Luigi Russolo, born in Portogruaro was celebrated with a video projection of his most renowned masterpiece on the main square of the city. Banca Intesa Sanpaolo sponsored the show and commissioned by the Portogruaro City Hall.

Event Design

Free public event. The company produced an artistic visual show using mapping software, replicated over the night.

Link to the Video here 

“Como White Night”, Como (Italy)

2008 Como White Night - Free Public Event Light and Sound Show of Como main square.

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome (Italy)

Client: Como City Hall

The entire square and the Duomo were all synchronised with music and light in a live show, and more than 800.000 people enjoyed the performance, which lasted all night.

Event Brief

Free public event. Large video projection on the main square of the city.

Link to the Video here

“Viva V.E.R.D.I.”, Biella (Italy)

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome, Italy

Client: Biella City Hall

On occasion of the celebration of Verdi, the famous opera composer, the city hall commissioned a large video projection event to Son et Lumiere.

Event Brief

Free public event. Large video projection on the main square of the city.

Link to the Video on YouTube  here

“Borghese Gallery Museum”, Rome

2005 Borghese Gallery Museum - Sound and Light Show - Summer events,

Rome (Italy)

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome (Italy)

Client: Borghese Gallery Museum

Screen Play and artistic directors: Enrico Ianniello e Tony Laudadio

Video projection and Mapping: Umberto Saraceni

Son et Lumiere Website

Link to video on YouTube here

Link to video on YouTube here

Event Brief

In collaboration with Louvre Museum, the Borghese Gallery commissioned a visual show displaying the history of the Borghese Museum and the collection now at the Louvre. The area in front of the museum, immersed in the magnificent park of Villa Borghese, held the show. The images of the decorations that were removed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 returned miraculously to where they once were. Baroque music and lights show accompanied the projection of the masterpieces.

Large video projection on building façade of the historical site. The project was the first of its kind and secured 15% increase in ticket sales and national press coverage. The large video production took place every weekend during the entire summer of 2005.

“Festival Ville Lucchesi”, Lucca (Italy)

2007 Puccini sound and light visual show, Free Public Event - Festival Ville

Lucchesi - Lucca

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome

Client: Association of Lucca Historical Villas

The park and the villa were synchronized with led lights and video projection on the building façade of the villa. The music was miscellaneous of most famous Puccini operas. More than 450.000 visitors were able to see this vast “fresco” dedicated to the great Italian Composer.

Event Brief

The Lucca Festival celebrated Puccini’s with a free public event and on sitespecific sound and lights production.

“Monza Villa Grand Opening”, Monza (Italy)

2008 Monza Villa Interactive Installation - Opening Ceremony after the

restoration of the four main rooms of the Villa.

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome

Client: Monza City Hall

Monza Villa was used by Eugenio di Beauharnais (1781-1824) during the Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquest. The interior design of the event was inspired by his fabulous gala dinner held in the park and inside the villa.

Event brief

Free public event.

The Monza opening ceremony was held after the restoration of the four main rooms of the villa.

 The lighting of the main entrance was covered with more than 1.000 blue LED lightings; each room was themed with site-specific light installations.

“Ara Pacis Grand Opening”, Rome (Italy)

2005 Grand Opening of Ara Pacis upon restoration and the Richard Mayer Museum.

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome

Client: Rome City Hall

Son et Lumiere produced the video and light and set-up for the grand opening upon restoration of Ara Pacis and the Richard Mayer Museum.

Event brief

Rome City Hall organised the Opening Ceremony. Son et Lumiere was appointed for the production of the lighting show during the opening ceremony , the post-event video projections and the Cocktails reception with Rome’s Mayor and the architect Richard Meyer.

Link to video on You Tube here

“The Talking Stones”, Brisighella (Italy)

2007 “The Talking Stones” - Public Installation

Organiser: Son et Lumiere, Rome (Italy)

Client: Municipality of Brisighella, (Tuscany, Italy)

Event Brief

The project aimed at producing a non-conventional guided tour. The “talking stones” inserted in walls, contained a receptive sensor and touch LED illumination system which activated the illumination and audio reproduction.

“Apollo & Dafne”, Rome (Italy)

2006 “Apollo and Daphne” Installation for the Ministry of Culture Trade Show


Organizer: Son et Lumiere, Rome

Client: Ministry of Culture, Rome

Event brief

The Bernini Statue was laser scanned and then elaborated into a video projection using 3D Max Studio. Baroque music accompanied the video.

The 3D video displayed the image moving in different angles. The video was projected onto a holographic screen (totally transparent), and the basement was lighted with LED blue lights and micro audiophiles.






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Richard Meyer - Architect

Talking Stones - Brisighella

Apollo & Dafne, Interactive Installation