Heritage Projects

Heritage Projects

From 2005 to 2011 I gained experience working within the Heritage/Culture industry delivering innovative heritage projects in Rome, Naples, Milan, Tourin, Como, Biella, Portogruaro.

I introduced the use of new technologies to connect Museums & historical sites to a larger and younger audience . 

For the first time in 2005  a large video projection was used on the facade of the Borghese Gallery Museum. The virtual restoration received an enthusiastic national  press coverage and increased the Museum ticket sales of 20% in the first 3 months.

 Main duties:

  • Acted as main contact point between production team and client; 
  • Supervised set-ups, take downs of outdoor installations at historical sites in line with health and safety regulations, 
  • Managed events budget, produced invoices and schedules; liaised with suppliers and technical staff, signed contract on behalf of Son et Lumière.
  • Maximised profitability of projects, including supplier negotiation and up-selling of additional services to clients.
  • Oversaw the completion of invitation and attendee management process, including database management and reporting.
  • Travelled on-site to manage all meeting requirements, supervised on-site set-up and take-down. 


“Cultural heritage becomes marketing. The Borghese Gallery Visual Show. An Innovative Cultural Multimedia Project”. Naples 2007. Maria Lucci.  

A publication covering the visual project performed at the prestigious Borghese Gallery Museum in collaboration with the Louvre Museum.



Projected managed Giacomo Puccini visual show at Lucca historical villas. Lucca, Italy. 



Project managed the sound and light show in collaboration with Tondello Service. The entire square and the Duomo were synchronized with music and a live show. More than 900.000 people enjoyed the performance lasting all night.



  Project managed the sound and light show at Villa Monza Villa Grand Opening Ceremony upon restoration of four main rooms. 



The Mayor of Portogruaro commissioned  a Lights and Sounds show celebrating the famous futuristic painter, Luigi Russolo, born and raised in Portogruaro.

The masterpieces came to live on the façade of the City Hall and captured the attention of 750.000 people. The show lasted 20 minutes and received national press coverage. I project manage the event in collaboration with Tondello Service.



 Borghese Gallery Museum large video projection on building façade of historical site. 

The project was the first of its kind and secured 20% increase in ticket sales and national press coverage. 

In collaboration with Louvre Museum, the Borghese Gallery worked at a visual show displaying the history of the Borghese Museum and its collection, now at the Louvre. 

The area in front of the museum, immersed in the spectacular park of Villa Borghese, was the scenario where the show was held. 

The images of the decorations that were removed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807, returned miraculously to where they once were. Baroque music and lights show accompanied the projection of the masterpieces:In collaboration with Louvre Museum, the Borghese Gallery worked at a visual show displaying the history of the Borghese Museum and its collection, now at the Louvre. 

Serena Ferrari Interviewed in "Made in Italy" Channel TV - (italian)


For  the below list of heritage tenders I researched history and images and wrote content . The  Lazio Region tenders aimed at the promotion of historical sites through the production and promotion of multimedia projects. 

List of tenders: 

  • The Temple of Giove Anxur, (Terracina);
  • The Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia;
  • The Etruscan Museum of Fondi;
  • The Bomarzo Villa;
  • The Monte Cassino Cathedral.


Project Managed the  production of the video and  the sound and light set-up of the grand opening upon restoration of Ara Pacis and the Richard Mayer Museum.