Gala Dinners in Saint Angel’s Castle and Pompeii Archaeological Site

2006- 2007 Locations: Rome and Pompeii, Italy

Organiser: Son et Lumiere Agency, Rome, Italy

Organizations must not only develop relationships with existing or potential clients but also with employees and influencers.

Saint Angelo’s Castle and Pompeii Gala Dinners were organised to celebrate company’s milestones and communicate the Company’s achievements to stakeholders. The unique venues became an extraordinary setting.


Strategic objectives

Celebrate corporate achievements, strengthen the relationship and reputation of the company among employees and shareholders.

Event Goals

Translate the Company’s values and history into an event concept.

Event Brief

Saint Angelo’s Castle was rented for an exclusive, unique evening. A privately guided visit was arranged for the group before dinner.

A Gala Dinner followed the welcome cocktail on the terrace and fireworks were displayed at the end of the evening from the Castle Terrace.

Event Design

The whole venue came to life with a sound and lights show. A video was projected on the walls of the venue and a light installation representing the company’s logo displayed at the main entrance.

Gala Dinner in Pompeii

Archaeological Site

Artistic Director: Paolo Areni

Strategic objectives

Create a ‘memorable experience’ for attendees in an exclusive historical location.

Event Brief

The entire Pompeii Archaeological site was hired for the evening and a privately guided tour for attendees arranged before sunset.

The Cocktail Reception and the Gala Dinner took place in the Pompeii Arena.

Event Design

The whole site was illuminated with synchronised lightings and video projections of Pompeii frescos. Old Roman Empire recipes inspired the Menu.

The client, for privacy reasons, didn’t allow videos or photos of the event.

Serena’s Role and Responsibilities gattogif

Event Manager from 2005 to 2011 for Son et Lumiere (Italy)

Produced event proposal and converted enquires into confirmed business.

Acted as main contact point between production team and client.

Oversaw set up and tear down, liaised with AV and lighting designers.

Management budget and forecast spending against actuals.

Liaised with audio/visual technical staff to ensure correctly uploaded and displayed presentations.

Supervised VIP welcome cocktails.


The client was delighted with the event production that included: a unique Menu, a privately guided tour, security planning, lighting and music design for the site-specific show entertaining guests.